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This was an commissioned piece done for the Art Walk in Leucadia, California. Was studying a lot of Rick Griffin poster art at them time. I grew up in the Leucadia Area; had many fond, crazy, unforgettable moments growing up there as a teen. To find out more about upcoming Art Walks and Events in Leucadia- visit: http://www.leucadia101.com/events/leucadiart/

This Spencer Art poster great was completed for the band North County Lumber Truck of Encinitas, California. In a lot my poster art I mix a bit of Squiggle Art (hence the frame) in retro of my studies/analysis of the Family Dog Poster Art from San Fransisco. (http://www.familydog.com/artists). Squiggle was a name I garnered in high school from the Art Nouvaeu style of my works. (Didn't know what the term Art Nouvaeu meant at the time- realized it later in college art history classes.) To find out more about Art Nouveau visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Art_Nouveau.

My first commissioned poster art piece for a well know local business: Truck Covers USA. Nills, the owner never knew what he was getting himself into when he hired Spencer Art to do a logo for his company. When I first handed him a version of the completed piece, he didn't know what to say except " I have my design team look at this one." A day later- he text-ed me: " Yes! It's a go! We want a 144 pieces!" ( pieces meaning mugs for which the art was printed on for promo purposes. Cars/trucks are probably one of the difficult things to draw besides human faces and hands.

"The Nood's Jamaican Vacation" was one of the first publicly released comic books I did with fellow artist Dustin Hay. This comic Novella took years to complete. Dustin now works as an artist at Trader Joe mastering sign art. His ink work is phenomenal! The next comic book were completing together is called: "100 Dead Horses Revived". Comic books are a tough media form to put deadlines on especially when it's not commissioned. You can find "The Nood's Jamaican Vacation" at http://www.amazon.com/The-Noods-Jamaican-Skully-Moran/dp/1412080835 - or contact me and get a personally signed copy with a free poster (shipping and handling charges apply.)